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The city is being over ran with a bad batch of a synthetic street drug known as 'Molly" the two detectives turn the city upside down to find the source of a series of overdoses..


Set in the fictional 77th Precinct of the Los Angeles Police Department, Dirty Cops follows two Detectives that play by a different set of rules. Det. Jackson an ex-Hustler turned cop has never seen a line that he wasn’t willing to cross. Accompanied by his Partner Det. Johnson, ex-Gang member turned shady Do-Gooder, the two bring a new meaning to the phrase “Boys In Blue”.  Although Jack & Johnson are normally pre-Occupied with robbing and assaulting the city’s criminal element, they also make time to close a few cases along the way. The City is been taken over by an outsider known as “EL Jefe”, a Mexican drug lord that has decided to make L.A his new home. Jackson & Johnson plan on helping him get “settled in". Dirty Cops is Will Smith & Martin Lawrence's "Bad Boys" meets NBC’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The Hilariously funny ensemble cast keeps the viewer laughing and guessing. The precinct also includes a sassy and clever desk Sgt. (Sgt. Rawlings), an Old School Police Captain (Capt. Davis) and a few other Detectives that are collectively L.A’s Finest “Dirty Cops”

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    2021| 95mins| Los Angeles| Streaming Worldwide



Written, Directed and Produced by


Co- Producers
G. Wells
D. Burns
S. Holloway
Sparkle Holmes
Joshua Prince

Director of Photography
Joshua Prince


J. Holloway

J. Holloway

Score By
J. Holloway
Kobe Holloway
James "J-Doe" Smith

gettyimages JOEY.jpg

Jovonny “I AM JOEY” Holloway

Jovonny Halloway is an independent filmmaker from Inglewood California, making his Directorial debut with feature comedy film “Dirty Cops L.A.,” in which he also wrote,  and produced.

As a senior at Westchester high school, being given the title of “Funniest” in the senior class yearbook was unknowingly a pivotal moment in Jovonny’s future.. Following highschool he dove into a career in rap music; however after a brief stint touring and performing in the music industry Jovonny quickly realized that his passion was not performing on stage, but capturing moments behind the camera. From there he shifted his focus to directing and shooting music videos for other local artists, but it was an opportunity from a childhood friend that cemented the idea that Jovonnys path would be in film. From that opportunity Jovonny took on the role as Director of Photography on the Documentary “Who is Gatsby Randolph,” winner of the 2021 Pan African Film festivals “Contemporary Vision Award.”

While continuing to direct and curate content for celebrities, such as Nick Cannon, Nipsey Hussle, Young Jeezy, Eddie Murphy, and Bill Bellamy, Jovonny joined the famed 1500 or Nothin Academy where he ultimately honed in on his ability to fully conceptualize and complete and entire film project.

Jovonny plans on returning in Spring 2022 with “Dirty Cops LA” the series.



When you first glance at Gerald ‘Slink’ Johnson, who stands tall at 6’7”, your first assumption is which pro basketball team does he play for. But Slink is quick to answer, “Nobody, I can’t ball,” he laughs. Slink may not be particularly good at basketball, but he is quickly honing his skills throughout the entertainment industry to be great, building his reputation as the ‘King of Ad-Lib.’

As an actor, producer and comedian Johnson has quickly exploded onto the entertainment scene. Born in Arkansas, Johnson originally began his career as a hip-hop artist before finding his craft in comedy. “For the most part, I’m usually able to keep those around me smiling and laughing, so I knew I wanted to continue to do just that,” he explains.

Heralded for his quick wit and sharp humor, he has used his voice and comedic skills as a member of All Def Digital, owned by entrepreneur Russell Simmons and shows such as “The Super- Rumble Mix Show”, The FXX series, “Chozen”, “Pariah” as well as “The Boondocks.”

If one were to ask him if he ever felt he had a role that helped him gained his celebrity, he would be quick to give two answers, being part of the record-breaking Rockstar gaming series, “Grand Theft Auto V” aka ‘GTA V’ and most recently the live-action comedy, “Black Jesus.” For GTA 5, he played Lamar Davis and became the breakout star. This role easily propelled him to the status of ‘top 5’ memorable characters in all of gaming. With Black Jesus, he was able to work with comedic legends John Witherspoon and Charlie Murphy and held his own authentically as the lead for the show. Johnson has also been fortunate to be able to work with several acclaimed producers such as, Jody Hill, Danny McBride, and John & Dave Chernin, on a few upcoming projects. An artist in every sense, Johnson has also performed for sold-out audiences around the country. As his star continues to rise like the height he stands tall, Johnson is guaranteed to continue to entertain his fans for years to come.


Who is D'Lai?

D'Lai, is one of the nations most sought after comics. He was the winner of the 2004 Vegas Star Search and has since appeared on HBO’s Def Comedy Jam, Showtime, BET's ComicView, and Kevin Hart's Laughing Out Loud Network. On top of touring colleges and universities, he’s also embarked on military tours in Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, Japan and Bahrain. Consistently headlining sold out shows around the country, D'Lai’s material and sets extend from his destitute beginnings to the experiences that have made him the man he is today. Transparent, raw and uncut, D’Lai leaves it all on the stage. No questions, no secrets, no lies, this man is a master of his craft bringing his audiences to their feet after every show.


A comedian and entrepreneur, D’Lai has solidified his hashtags, that lead his brand; “Take it in”, “Make America Green Again”, “I’m Glad You Asked,” and the collaboration “Did You Miss Me” into a merchandise bonanza; all of which are available on his website. Thousands of devoted fans listen for the “Did You Miss Me” Podcast every week, as well as the Instagram segments of “D’Lai After Dark” and “I’m Glad You Asked”


D’Lai is more than just funny. A stealth comedian, prevalent entrepreneur, motivational speaker, spokesperson, author, and developer of film and television projects, he’s a multi-layered talented threat and definitely one to watch. 



Los Angeles native, Greg Wells co-produces and Co-stars in first feature comedy film “Dirty Cops LA. Greg started his path in TV & Film at a young age taking on small roles, such as “The Hula King” in a 2004 Maxwell House coffee commercial. Dabbling in other areas behind the scenes, Greg served as Craft Service For multiple print and commercial projects, including a 2014 Pepsi Commercial which played during the Super Bowl. It wasn't until Greg worked with Comedy star Damon Wayans staging and set designing for the hit series Lethal Weapon did he know he wanted to embark on a career as a
Serious actor.


L.A spliff | IVL | Ladavion Carter


La’Davion ivL Carter is musician, songwriter, actor who got his first acting role when he was 7 years of age working on the critically acclaimed series “Quantum Leap “as a extra. LaDavion Carter has done music appearances on  bet, HBO “who got next” rap star “future” astronaut vlog & has been a independent artist for over 10 yrs with 500k sales from hand to hand promotion. Now back pursuing his acting chops in the new funny movie “Dirty cops L.A. “ with long time I AM JOEY the director.  I think it’s safe La’Davion ivL Carter is coming back to where it all started and finding his new passion in acting.


FERNANDA_TAPIA-7 copy 2.jpg

Fernanda Tapia | The Girl Meka


Fernanda Tapia is a Nicaraguan born multi-talented Filmmaker. After graduating from College in Miami, Florida, Fernanda pursued a professional dancing career, competing in conjunction with The Broadway Dance Center in the World of Dance in New York City before moving to Los Angeles where she’s been on countless television, music videos, award shows and live performances including, Jane The Virgin, NCIS LA and The Jimmy Kimmel Live Show. Later Fernanda would transition to stand up comedy where she’s been performing all over Los Angeles and New York for the last five years. Her love for comedic storytelling ultimately led her to Los Angeles City College where she has been pursuing a degree in Cinema Production. Her film, Loli, a mockumentary about a Mexican Chihuahua trying to become an Instagram influencer, was a breakout success, garnering entry into sixteen different film festivals including The Toronto Independent Film Festival and New York Latino Film Festival. Loli had four wins including Best Comedy at The Hollywood Gold Awards and Most Original Concept at The Portland Comedy Film Festival.


Dayne Plescia | Rico From The Bottoms

Dayne Plescia Bottoms is a film and television actor from San Pedro California, March 8, 1990. He began acting when his 3rd grade teacher suggested he join the school play The Wizard of Oz as The Tinman due to his class clown disruptance in school. After High School he earned admittance to Southern Oregon University where he studied theatre and film. Proceeding college he moved straight back to Los Angeles and appeared in several TV shows such as The Mindy Project and Criminal minds and independent films as he continues his career today. 


Tony Nario| El Jefe


Born Tony Nario, in the city of Santa Monica and Raised in Inglewood ca, Tony is the definition of a West Los Angeles Native. What some would call a very product of the culture Hip Hop. 


Since Tony fell in Love with Hip Hop, he lives and breaths the culture daily, As a recording artist, with his fist project being “The Escape” as Tony Nario when transformed into an MC becomes Alkatraz aka HipHop Alkatraz. From there Tony took a Break from the music as he welcomed the Birth of his one and only Daughter Aaliyah, he stayed focused on being a father in the process, with his love for Hip Hop he created the first Battle Rap League  catered to Young men from the streets of Los Angeles. The League would be known as LABattleGroundz taking on its own life as LABG. Tony’s Long time childhood friend Jovonny Holloway aka Joey the Director reached out over the last few years about a project he would be writing, producing, directing. He told Tony how he wanted him to be a part of the film and he wanted him to play the part of “Heffe” a Mexican drug Cartel member who carries heavy weight in the streets of Los Angeles. Tony was delighted to be part of “Dirty Cops LA” as the project has now been finished and released, Tony Goes back to raising his daughter and teaching her about the sweet culture of Hip Hop. 


Who knows what Tony will get his hands on next, stay tuned to find out……. 


Delano Mitchell Holmes Detective Mitchell

Delano Mitchell Holmes is a Los Angeles born American actor, comedian, rapper, and writer. He has enjoyed success in television and film for close to 18 years. Once considered the “Black Belushi” by theatre Professor M. Rattland (Southern University School of Arts) Holmes has been able to deliver knee slapping humor to audiences for years. Most recently he can be seen aside Slink Johnson playing detective Mitchell in the movie Dirty Cops LA (2021). He has also entertained audiences as “Avery” in the movie A Gift Horse and as “Spook” in Da Block Party.

Holmes received a B.A. in Journalism from Southern University and A&M College in 2005 . While perusing his degree he starred in his first feature film Da Block Party and also starred in BET’s College Hill. After graduation Delano taught grade school English and Theatre near New Orleans, Louisiana.



Detective Wilson

Originally FROM Shreveport, Louisiana, Charlie Wilson TV aka The Othe "CHARLIE WILSON"  Is quick to the punch, never misses a beat, AND ALWAYS KEEPS IT REAL.! His engaging and upbeat comedic styles keep the party going all night long.


Sparkle Holmes


SparkleHolmes is a film producer from Los Angeles California, where she attended the Alexander Hamilton high school of music and performing arts magnet. Once graduated from High school Sparkle briefly explored her interest in fashion attending The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.

Shortly into her fashion studies, Sparkle went back to her first love of entertainment, taking on job with a music management firm. From there Sparkle started her career touring and eventually shifted gears to publicity, working with legendary acts, such as Little Wayne, Neyo, Chris Brown, B2K, Omarion, Marques Houston, and Jhene Aiko.

Presented the opportunity to work as a PA, under the Director of the famed dance film “You Got Served”, sparkle knew film would be her ultimate home in the entertainment industry. Eager for more film experience Sparkle took on roles in multiple capacities, such as Wardrobe assistant, and head Art department in films, such as “Somebody Help Me” (BET) and “The Helpers” (BET).

In 2015 sparkle was casted in BET reality series “About The Business”, where her work in PR & Special Events was highlighted. After a season of reality tv Sparkle decided to take Producing head on. Producing her first Documentary film “Who is Gatsby Randolph” (winner of 2021 PAFF Best Contemporary Vision Award) and her most important project to date “Dirty Cops LA”, Directed by Jovonny “I AM JOEY” Holloway.


Joshua Prince|Director of Photography


Joshua Princeis a South Los Angeles bred native filmmaker. Growing up in the profound Crenshaw District where “Boyz N the Hood” was directed/written by John Singleton. Joshua began his career in Film/Television in 2013, at the New York Film Academy in Burbank. Where he obtained his Associates’ Degree in Filmmaking. Coming out of the Academy, Joshua began freelancing as a Gaffer and Grip; working on numerous music videos, short films, and web series.

Learning to learn cinematography, he surmised himself working at Alternative Rentals Digital Cinema, teaching himself, how to operate diverse camera, gimbals, and various cinema equipment. Joshua became a leading Prep Technician at Alternative; assisting and troubleshooting with ACs on productions, such as “Raising Dion Season 2”, P Valley Season 2”, “A Star is Born”, “Halloween”, “Dave Season 1&2”, and “Greenleaf Season 3”. Paving his way into camera department, Joshua, is distinguished himself as a Director of Photography, Camera Operator, and 1st AC. He has DP’ed a feature film, as well as operate on various short films, and music videos. Which one was has won recognition from the crowdfunding organization Seed & Spark. Joshua steadily mastering his craft at Alternative Rentals, he has extensive knowledge with diverse camera such as ARRI, RED, Panasonic, Sony, and Blackmagic cameras.


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