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FAQ for the Director 

1. Were there any hesitations on putting this film out because if the subject matter during this climate with BLM movement and Cops? 


" No reservations at all,I felt the story was even more necessary. I also wanted to show a comedic side to the

situation. Police have it hard, but so does the citizen."

2. Is comedy your niche & what comedians were most inspirational to you?


"Yes I would absolutely say comedy my niche, I was raised on Eddie Murphy Films. I would have to sat hands down Eddie Murphy is my inspiration."

3. What would you say is the most unique about your directorial style?

" The Most directorial style would have to be my ability to communicate with the actors on set. I also have a unique ability to shoot on the fly, a strength I honed from my experience on tour."

4. What does the future look like for You as a creator? More projects in the pipeline?

"My future as a creator look very promising. I have several projects in the pipeline, Dirty Cops L.A. The series

for starters. DCLA lives forever"

5. What is your most rewarding memory from this process ?

" The Most rewarding memory of the whole process would have to be seeing Slinks, D'lai, and the rest of the teams 

reaction to the finish product. They trusted me. The team hadn't seen much of the film as we were working on the 

fly for the large part. I had a lot of time with the film. My goal was to make the team proud of all the work we done."

6. How would you describe your creative style?


" If I had to describe my creative style, I would have to say "FREE". I don't force anything." 

7. As a first time filmmaker what was the process of casting your film?

" The process I used to cast the film was not unlike most casting directors. I would have to say the most distinct 

part of the process would be picking the right voice. The right voice with the right timing is what I look for or listen

I should say."

8. You wrote, produced, directed and starred in the film. What was the most difficult position to hold?


" I would say the most difficult hat to wear would have to be the directors hat. I am a perfectionist. It isn't easy 

to be in a scene and direct it at the same time. Acting takes focus, and directing takes on a whole different set of 


9. How do you think the continuous changes in the industry will affect your career?

" I believe the continues changes in the industry will do nothing more than keep me on my toes!"


10. Do you have any advice for aspiring filmmakers?

"My advice to other filmmakers would be "Shut Up and SHOOT!" Get with some locals that are as eager as you are, and make history."

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